Yes, there actually is some meaning behind these polka-dots.

Their presence here is explained rather simply. You see, the walls in my bedroom are infested with polka dots. They were painted on (by myself with lots of help from my friends) in perfect circles about 30 cm across.
Each wall has its own colour: one a soft green, another bright purple, the third baby blue and the last pink.
For those of you who undoubtedly won't let me get away quite clean, I know... I haven't done the purple wall yet. But soon! =)

An explanation for why they found their way on my walls is a bit harder to come by. Partly, it's a cross between not liking plain walls, and my attempt to return some sense and sanity to an otherwise insane world. My memory's a bit blurry about the other reasons, but I think it has to do with some childhood trauma I suffered at the hands of the Polka Dot Door. (To only dream of what effect Barny is going to have on our kids 10 years from now...)

I'll put some pictures of my walls up at some point =).